hey guys, im alle. im an almost 30 year old mama of 5 amazing {most of the time} kids. i'm married to the man of my dreams, who is sometimes my 6th child. we have 3 dogs who are more spoiled then they should be. this last year has been a crazy one & every time i went to blogs to seek some guidance or just to know we aren't the only crazy ones trying to blend 5 kids, i came up empty. so i wanted to start this space for the mamas that are new to choosing someone else babies as their own.

for 5 years i was a single mom who worked in the public school system. i worked with special needs babies k-5th for 3 years and 3-5 year olds for 2 years at one of our towns best school district. i loved my job. i loved my students & i loved my team. in fall of 2018 when my pregnancy got to hard i left my job to start a journey i had been on before, only that was almost 10 years ago. i started my new job as stay at home mom. y'all, i wasn't ready.

so here we are, blending our family of 7. my husband & i both came into our marriage with 2 kids each, all 4 of our older kids go see their other parents every other weekend. we try to love this time, but sometimes it can be hard to share them. our daughters are 10 years old. Payton is the oldest & Audrey is second to oldest. then our boys, the older two are 9, Anson is the oldest boy, then Kaleb, their birthdays are 5 days apart, and then there is Haskell, our 1 year old wonder boy.

i love being at home with our army, but i do need some adult convos that aren't with the people in our 1400 sq. ft home. so i'm here to see if any of you need the same thing, if your house is over ran with kids and you need some girl time but cant get away. same girl, SAME!!