Garage organization

I don’t know about y’all, but our garage is always a catch all for every-dang-thingggg!!! I’m the kinda person that needs form and structure with every part of life (thanks ppc), so for me our garage was giving me super bad anxiety. We cleaned it about every 6 months. Every time it would be worse than before.

So I went Pinterest digging and racking my brain on what would work best for us and how to make that come to life. It took some time and some planning to figure out what was just right. These are some ways I knew I wanted the space to work for us.

  • Sports stuff (5 kids, we have A-LOT!!)
  • Tools and projects 
  • Outdoor toys and riding toys 
  • Travel storage 
  • Holiday boxes 
  • Keepsakes 
  • Luggage 
  • Work space 
  • Fb market stuff 
  • Fridge 
  • Gift bags and cards 
  • Overflow of paper goods
  • Crafts for the kids 
  • Pictures and extra decor 
  • Extra school supply

Now that I had my list of things I knew the space needed to do for us I had to figure out what would work best. We already had 2 big pieces of future we used for tools and home improvement things and one we used for the kid and family stuff, but it just wasn’t enough and honestly always looked so messy! 

I looked at a lot of different places for what would work best for the space but also was a reasonable price. Most of my inspiration came from classycluter girls. They have some awesome awesome tips. We ended up with the HDX storage cabinets from Home Depot. They were easy to put together.

Here is a list of what I stored in them 

  • Luggage is on top along with some coolers 
  • Sports stuff 
  • Overflow paper towels 
  • Kid crafts 
  • Pets stuff 
  • Work out videos 
  • Small work out straps and sliders 
  • Gift bags and cards 
  • Pictures and extra decor 
  • Travel stuff 
  • Extra over flow from the house 
  • Outdoor stuff 
  • Extra school supplies

I got the boxes inside the cabinets from dollar tree, Marshalls, and amazon. The rack in the middle has more sports stuff and some car maintenance stuff.

I also decided to put all our holiday boxes in the attic. That was a game changer for SURE!! along with keepsake boxes that were already full. We are planning on installing an attic ladder soon. I will have a post about that when we do it. Most of the tubs I use are from Target. We have a live tree every year so we don’t have to store a Christmas tree. I also have a few boxes of custom or dress up clothes for spirit days at school and Halloween. 

Next was to work on the tools. I really just went through each group and made sure they were grouped and had a home. I then sorted the nails, screws, hooks, and brackets. I put the battery tools together on one side and the plug-in tools on the other. I grouped the plumbing, paint, and general home improvement together. For the bigger items I tucked them nicely between the cabinet and our extra wood and panels.

I kept a desk out in the middle to keep the stuff I’m selling on fb market or have just gotten and need to clean.

To finish it off we put down some square rubber matts that lock together that Zach got from a demolition site he was working on. It’s the best gym floor I could have asked for and it was FREE!! I plan on working on the work out space some more, but for the time being its perfect (Its also great for when we go out to get drinks without shoes on.). The last thing we got was a parking biking rack so the bikes without kickstands would stand up nicely and I could still move my car inside when I need too. 

Hope this inspires and helps you with any garage project you have to do. 

Until next time 

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Six Flag trip post Quarantine

Our post quarantine trip to Six Flag. My hopes in writing this is that other bigger families have a recourse of things that we found helpful and also a place that other mamas can comment with what I missed or didn’t think of so its a one stop shop for Six Flags. Lets get rolling…

First let me say that they were really serious about the masks and making sure everyone wore them correctly as well as hand sanitizer. They also stayed on top of the 6 ft apart and spacing on rides. They had an awesome mask break area, which the kids hardly used. I think having so much fun made them not realize or care that they have a mask on. At the entrance they make you go throw a body scan type of thing that takes your temp. I made the mistake of doing the girls hair round their hats, so we didn’t loss them on rides. When you go through the temp screening you have to take everything on your head off. So make sure you can take everything off easily. The day we went it rained that morning so some rides weren’t running but I do think that was only because of the rain. The lines were nonexistent, which was amazing! It was our kids first time at a Six Flags so it was really awesome for it to be so slow and such short lines! We have two 10 year olds and two 9 year olds and and a one year old, our big kids were able to ride most everything. The Bugs Bunny land for littles was mostly closed which made having a one year old kinda hard. He had fun just running around though. I will say, take a stroller. I didn’t see any rentals while we were there. 

As far as money goes, it really wasn’t terrible. Because of their close down they had a really good member pass available that added up to about what we would pay for a one day trip. When we got ours we did one pass with the discounts so we could get 30% off everything and free drinks and lots of other special deals. We rented an airbnb 5 min away from the park and with a pool. We actually didn’t use the pool at the rental at all because we stayed at the park from open to close, but it was nice to have just in case. We rented it for about $80 dollars a night so not bad at all. We also did the family meal deals and they really helped with the cost of food. We took water with no trouble and snacks. I will say only the toddler ate the snacks. No one else really did. I did a cash budget for us to take and then we gave each kid $20 dollars. We have learned with more than 2 kids, that if you give them their own budget it makes everything a lot easier. We help with taxes, but most of it is up to them and it helps with math and learning to budget their own money. We also don’t let shop until about the last hour we are there, so we don’t have lug around lots of extra things. The budget was $20 for this one day trip, each trip as a different amount. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about how do the kids money on trips.

So a quick run down of what we took with us 

  • Stroller 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Water packs 
  • First aid kit 
  • Hand sani 
  • Fanny packs 
  • Hats 
  • Sunglasses (with straps) 
  • Masks 
  • Cooling towles (frog towels) 
  • Chap stick 
  • Snacks 
  • Stroller fan 
  • Masks 
  • Portable charger 

We put it all neatly in our BIG dry bag in preparation of water rides. But for us they were closed that day because of the rain. We used over 75% of the things we took with us, and the things we didn’t use only didn’t get used because it had rained and was really pretty cool temps. So I think if you are going on a hot day you will still 100% need these things. Things that got used the most were the stroller, our baby spent a lot of time in his stroller so make sure you take a good one if you have a little one going. Obvi the masks and hand sani, but they also had hand sani available when you got on and off every single ride. Sunscreen got sprayed on right before we went in the park and that’s really the only time we used it, we left without sunburns. We never used the chap stick or frog towels because like I said it wasn’t hot at all. The adults used hats and sunglasses, but the kids took theirs off pretty quickly because of all the rides. Fanny packs were awesome to use because we had evreything we needed at easy reach. The stroller fan came in handy while our little one napped. We put everything we took in our dry bag and stored it under the stroller. 

I hope you found this helpful. If I missed anything that you and your family took, used and loved, please leave comment and let us all know. Talk you guys soon!!!


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Road trip family must haves

With summer in full swing I wanted to give you guys a rundown of some of our must haves for road trips. With COVID and all the other things going on, summer is very different this year. I know a lot of people aren’t doing much travel but we deiced on 3 smaller trips this summer. Haski hated the car last year so we didn’t do any trips at all so I feel like we kinda have to play make up. Our kids have grown so much since the last vacay we went on so I dug into finding what worked best for traveling with our age group, and what trips would be the best across the age gap we have. I’ll be blogging all of our trips we take this year and might back track on some we went on in 2018. But no matter where you are going… you have to get there and sometimes that’s the hardest part so I thought I would make a list of our must haves for this season. 

I found so many good resources from Pinterest when looking into what most people use for road trips, but I took something from each blog and left some. So here is my condensed list of we will be taking (might have to come back and a review what we used and what we could have done without). 

Master list for packing the car:

  • Phones (our older kids have phones)
  • Phone chargers
  • Phone mount 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Back up map 
  • Luggage rack 
  • Luggage rack water proof bag 
  • Suitcases 
  • Trash can 
  • First aid kit 
  • Back Packs (each kid packs there own)
  • Blankest 
  • Seatbelt pillows 
  • Water bottles 
  • Snacks 
  • Kids cash 

All of out older kids have phones so we have to make sure we have everyones phones and chargers so no one is fighting. The phone mount is a must have for GPS, I also bring a paper map with us just in case. Either printed off google or I buy one on amazon. We use a trailer hitch luggage rack because of our moonroof on the top, along with a water proof cover so the weather can’t mess up anything. I have a small trash can in the front row of the car that we empty every time we stop or get gas, it helps keep the trash clean out a little less stressful. I always have a first aid kit in the car, but I take an extra one just in case and so I can take it out where ever we go and don’t worry about not having one in the car. For the kids I like to have a blanket, water bottle, seatbelt pillows, and of course snacks. We also give our kids a set amount of money for each trip so that when they want something we can tell them they can get, with their money. It has been a game changer!!! We got this tip from my mom. It has helped with us not being asked 500 times for every little thing. It also has prevented us from coming home with so much stuff that never gets played with again. 

I really hope this helps with your summer vacay readiness! 

Happy summer!

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Sunday adventures

Sunday fun… but with kids and working in some wellness. Here’s how we do it all on Sundays…

Every Sunday we try to go on a Sunday morning hike. So I’m  going to try to post our Sunday adventures every other Monday. We are a blended family and our kids are at their other parents every other Sunday. When we are done with our hike we like to go home and have a nice big breakfast depending on where we went for that day.

After breakfast we try to get most of our deep cleaning done. I deep clean the kids room when they are gone every other weekend, so on the weekends we are all home we focus on the living areas. Kitchen, living room, and the back patio. I will also do a run down of what our family deep clean looks like and also what my deep cleaning of the kids rooms look like. After our deep clean, I like to try to get our weeks menu worked out and meal prep as much as I can. If you want more on how our family eats, its here. 

After all that’s done most of our day is still left so we spend it doing as much relaxing as we can. That always looks different depending on everyones needs. I try to do a family check in when I can and see what each kid needs. Sometimes we need more alone time, sometimes we need more family time. This helps me with planning my week out. 

I also try to check in with zach and see what his work week will look like. After everyone is in bed I try to do some self care and then dive into planning our week as best I can. I look forward to sharing these days with you in the future! 

Love that you are here

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